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About HVAC

Our HVAC system works on three principles - air conditioning, ventilating and pressurizing. Means, the system conditions the air in the space occupied by the building; ventilates the air by diluting and removing contaminants present inside the building; and provides appropriate building pressurization. When all these three principles work together, you get a perfect air purifier system.

When an HVAC system is installed, it does several things - it provides natural ventilation, reduces exposure to air-born biological threats and regulates the temperature according to the changing weather conditions to make the occupants comfortable.

We build different types of HVAC systems that differ both in design and in operational approach, depending on the design of building architecture.




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 “Unicorps’ have been able to design and execute best Techno-commercial solution for our Residense and Hotel project which is coupled with excellent services.

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