Containment Consultancy

Once you are done with containment installation, it’s just a new beginning, not the end.

There has been an increase in demand for vendors dealing in handling of extremely potent active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. The production environments have to be adapted to protect the Personnel product and the mother nature, all at the same time while adhering with the GMP guidelines.


OEL Specific Systems

The expertise of Unicorps in planning and implementing containment projects us unmatched. Developing the containment solutions for a range of products and dosage forms is part-and-parcel of our business as optimizing the concepts for processing highly active ingredients according to their OELs (Operator Exposure Limits). We are key players in solids production and liquid pharmaceuticals filling alike as also with API containment plants – from the concept design to implementation and qualification. Contact us to converse about containment solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Existing Facility Upgrade

If you already have a containment facility, Unicorps can provide assistance in optimising your containment processes according to the respective OEL levels for:

  • Existing Process Machinery in Isolators – Restricted Access Barrier systems
  • Personnel protection measures
  • Airlock and pressure cascades
  • Material Flow methodology
  • Decontamination measures
Critical Gap Analysis

If you have a basic facility and equipment and wish to convert in potent (onco, hormone, or other potent) products then Unicoprs is there to help you with gap analysis and provide customized containment system with your existing equipment.

We are capable of analysing the potential of multi-utility isolators versus the dedicated equipment for specific operations.

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