Electrical HT/LT Panels

From smallest voltage electricals to transformers and generators, Unicorps provide end-to-end electrical solutions with panels manufactured in-house.

Unicorps has got unmatched manufacturing and commissioning capabilities to deliver end-to-end electrical projects with its inhouse manufacturing capabilities. We provide impeccable consultancy as well as commissioning services of the entire projects including calculation of Maximum Demand, Selection of Transformer & allied HT equipment, GA diagrams, Layout Drawings, Single line diagram, Design & Selection of Earthing & Lighting scheme, and pretty much everything.


In-House Electrical Panels Manufacturing

HVAX range of LT panels goes up to 5000 Amperes and it excels in the design, engineering, manufacturing and execution of these panels, reckoning a deep understanding of the national and international standards. Through its in-house facility of CNC based sheet metal fabrication, the company aims to offer tailor-made solutions to each of its customers.

End-to-End Electrical HV/LV Projects

  • Internal Electrification work
  • Cables, MCB DB’s, Lighting fixtures
  • Shed Lighting, Outdoor Lighting
  • Earthing & Lightning protection
  • Office wiring with telephone & LAN

System Components

  • PCC (Power Control Center)
  • MCC (Motor Control Center)
  • HVAC Panel
  • Chiller Panel
  • MLP (Main Lighting Panel)
  • APFC Panel (Automatic Power Factor Controller)
  • VFD Panel (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • ATS Panels
  • DB (Distribution Board) operating a console
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