Did you know that more than 50% of input energy is consumed by HVAC systems in a pharmaceutical unit?

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies must conform to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) as they are supervised by FDA (Food and Drug Association). The regulations imposed by force of law requires the pharmaceutical manufacturers, processors, and packagers of the drugs to take adequate measures to ensure the safety of the end products. HVAC systems are required to be installed to ensure safety of the pharma products.

Unicorps offers a diverse range of HVAC solutions that are built around an understanding that humans must rely on the indoor air comfort and critical air management when inside a facility (pharmaceutical unit, biotech, hospitals etc.). Our HVAC systems are cost effective and flexible. Our offerings can be applied to different industries including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, micro- electronics, hotels, and also in commercial buildings.

Air Handling

Air Handling Units

43 mm thick PUF / Rockwool insulated GI casings with aluminium thermal break profile containing G4, F9 and sometimes H13 filters for filtering the air, direct driven / belt driven blowers for air circulation & cooling and heating coils to cool and dehumidify the air, all working to produce air quality of the highest order. These AHUs are designed and manufactured in the range of 500 – 50,000 CFM.

Air Conditioning Duct


We manufacture pre-fabricated ducts for CNC aided machines. It helps in saving a lot of installation time on site and provides bare minimum leakages. These ducts are further insulated with polyethylene / nitrile rubber to suppress the heat loss.


It is the heart of the water-based HVAC systems (DX in case of Gas-based) where the vapor compression cycle takes place along with heat acceptance and rejection.


Air Diffusing Ports

We manufacture diffusers, grills, jet nozzles with dampers to diffuse the required amount of conditioned air into the facility to produce a controlled environment.

HEPA filters

The HEPA filters are usually mounted in the room and sometimes within the AHU, capable of filtering air up to 99.997% and of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 microns, thereby making it a mandatory product for pharmaceutical units.

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