Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.

Investors in healthcare industry face a lot of regulatory pressure with high competition. We help you stand out of the competition working towards conversing your project possibilities. We partner you for your new investment projects based on feasibility studies or technology transfer elevations to make most of the existing facilities.


Facility Design to its Best

Unicorps provides facility design services for commissioning the critical facilities such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, hormones, modern operation theatre, and facilities manufacturing high-precision medical devices. We also have our inhouse manufacturing set up for injectable equipment, solid dose form, capsule filling machine, and other instruments. Optimal standards of quality are maintained during the process.

Regulatory Compliance

Our consulting team brings 10+ years of cumulative experience to the table with domain expertise in Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and other verticals. This helps us in understanding your resources well with a complete know how of your perspective. We are highly capable of designing facilities that are compliant with WHO, USFDA, EMEA, MHRA, or any other regulatory requirement.

We ensure optimal workflows, cost-effectiveness, and safety with each new project designed by us. From highly-scaled laboratories to production plants, from pharmaceuticals to biotech, Nutraceuticals, Food and Microelectronic, Cosmetics, and more, providing a dedicated solution for all your requirements.

3-Step Design Process
  • Conceptual Design: We create concepts and strategies to give a shape to your project.
  • Basic Engineering: We define the scope of project after routine calls with your team and provide an estimate cost for the project.
  • Detailed Engineering: We create actual factory shop drawings so that every minute aspect of the project is monitored from technology to quality to cost.

We're Gentle in our sales method, so we don't push our people to push you. You won't find us trying to endlessly upsell you, or force upon you only the products that we manufacture. We work with a network of both affordable and world-class brands. The project coming to realization is more important than anything else and we work to bringing that dream to fruition. To understand how we can find the right mix, click below to schedule a call with you.

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