Project Feasibility

The goal is to reduce risk and identify potential threats that may only become clean after a deeper research and analysis.

It is highly recommended to conduct a feasibility study prior to a pharmaceutical project’s undertaking. Feasibility studies gives an idea to the company investors that the project they are planning to develop is highly “feasible” and most importantly, “viable”. Formulating a study will help a company save the needed investment and time in a longer run.

  • A. Marketplace Analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Growth rates of different products
  • Local disease trends
  • Local regulatory norms and environment
  • Patent management
  • Pricing environment

  • B. Company Strategy
  • Define vision - mission - and medium and long term goals for the company
  • Business model options aligned to the projected market scenario, BCG Matrix & Company SWOT
  • Select business strategies that would enable the company to reduce "time to Market" and achieve quicker "Economic break-even"
  • C. Treatment Prioritizing
  • 5-year Therapy stacking
  • Prescriber collaborations
  • Co-prescribed therapies
  • Supportive therapies
  • D. Product Engineering
  • Manufacturing blocks
  • Manufacturing lines
  • Capacity planning

  • E. Project Financial Viability
  • Break-Even analysis
  • Assumptive profit & loss statement
  • F. Product Strategy
  • Preferred molecules with logic for recommendation
  • Preferred dosage forms
  • Novel Drug Delivery system possibilities
  • Lifecycle Management - 5-year product plan
  • Reference Prescribing information for all recommended products
  • Sales projection sensitivity analysis

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