Pre Engineered Buildings

Offering economical, durable, flexible, environment-friendly, and easy-to-install Pre-Engineered Building Solutions.

Speed to market is one of the most critical factors for all manufacturing and pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries. These pre-engineered buildings are basically steel structures having structural members like roof truss, purlins, columns etc. that are prefabricated in a factory complying with different standards.


Structural Foundation

The prefabricated structural members are ā€œIā€ sections. The foundations of these buildings are conventional concrete foundations to carry out heavy loads and support the lighter super structure. If it is necessary to consume a large floor area that its immediate columns can be avoided. In these scenarios, the conventional concrete proves useless as over such long spans, the load due to its own self-weight increases, this making the structure critical.

  • Less Manpower at Site: Most of the work in a PEB construction is done in the industries thus the requirement of manpower at the site is very less comparatively Reduction in Cost: Since both materials and manpower is minimized the overall cost of construction is reduced
  • Flexibility in Design: The steel structural members are designed in software and is fabricated with machines, thus desired shape can be achieved without any compromise. Hence the PEB can be architecturally versatile
  • Scope for Future Expansion: Since bolted connections are only used, the length wise expansion in a PEB becomes more evident Low Maintenance: Modern metal finishes and coatings will help the steel panels to resist corrosion, chemical attack etc., and also the steel surfaces can be easily repaired if damaged.
  • Seismic Resistance: The super structure made of steel is light in weight and flexible enough to offer greater resistance to seismic waves when compared to conventional concrete structures.
  • 1. Anchor Bolt Foundation
  • 2. Erection of Rafter
  • 3. Fixing of Purlins
  • 4. Fixing of Roof Bracing
  • 5. Fixing of Crane in Shed
  • 6. Fixing of Roof Sheeting
  • 7. Fixing of Insulated Sheeting
  • 8. Internal Arrangement
  • 9. Completed Peb
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